Building a model registry in github

Data science projects can be messy, however we don't want to carry that mess over to our production environments.

Version control for data science projects

Data science projects consist of code, data and algorithmic ideas. If these three factors play together there is a tendency that your projects ends up being a total mess.

Data validation for csv files

This article describes csvmodel, a validation tool for small to medium size csv files

Technology lessons for startups

A technology perspective

Launchpad Pro Mk3 with Bitwig on Linux

I recently bought a Launchpad Pro Mk3 and noticed that it wasn't all that easy to integrate into my linux setup. Here is how I got it working.

Playing with Elm

Functional, type save, elegant, ... and it all works in a browser.

Comparing scala, python and c++

Types are really cool

Vim vs. Emacs

Two different philosophies

"What's your favourite machine learning algorithm?"

Is there really anything like that? Rather some really nice ideas.